This gives you the opportunity to exchange questions with professionals of different industries in a relaxed environment and get to know them personally. This way you can find out which employment suits you best, which possibilities you have and what other options you have if you didn´t get into your first choice. You can benefit from the experience the professionals by making important contacts for a possible apprentice or internship position.


Short info: Twice per month, usually Wednesday afternoon at 14.00 in the Mosques Café; recent event dates are listed on our homepage (Events)! The Employment Café is an open event. For better planning and organization we are happy to receive your inscription.


Business tours are complementary events to Business Café. Here you can experience the world of employment for a few hours, observing the work-dynamics and the atmosphere. Important contacts can also be made here.


Short info: 3 to 4 times per year; recent event dates are listed on our Homepage (Events)! Inscription is necessary.


In cooperation with professional associations, industry workshops are organized twice a year to present the different employments within an industry. You can get an overview on the different professional profiles from the training to the study careers. Our main focus lies on your development perspectives and possible changes in your professional profiles. Typical “Men or Women jobs” for example are outdated. You can find perspectives in every job which could interest your individual wishes and desires.

Short info: Twice per year, number of participants: 20 to 40 students and 10 to 20 parents per event, recent event dates are listed on our homepage (Events)! Punctual inscription required.


A Job-dating is organized twice a year. Here you have the once in a lifetime chance to get hold of an apprentice or internship position in many different industries. If at this stage you are able to win a training officer over with your already prepared application documents, you can directly discuss over an apprentice or internship position. You can use the contact with these businesses to gain experience regarding job interviews and decide to apply later at mutual interest. Several business managers have parallel conversations allowing you to contact several industries in a day.

Short info: Twice per year, number of participants: 20 students per event, recent event dates are listed on our homepage (Events)! Punctual inscription required.








Here you can take part in an intercultural project workshop for half a year. A mixed group of young people, ones which have lived here for many years and others from different countries which have been accepted in Penzberg due to several reasons (e.g. war, eviction, struggles to live…) get a chance to creatively work together on their work and life perspectives. Everyone benefits from this due to the many different backgrounds by gaining experience and knowledge from other group members.

We want to help you make textile products with your own ideas and designs under professional council. The different cultural influences, methods and approaches enhance our work. This way you can enforce and embrace your talents and potential whilst alongside gaining qualifications and employment perspectives.

Short info: Meetings are held twice a month. Fixed groups for at least half a year. Number of participants: 10 juveniles. Information event planned.


The internship accompaniment is an event which is held in collaboration with the "Gymnasium" and the "Realschule". Students from the upper classes demonstrate their experience to students in the next generation. Succeeding this the juveniles are helped by the experience and reflexions of the other students to choose the right internship for them.

Short info: An internal school event for classes. No inscription possible.





In our online consultations you have got the possibility to ask us any questions directly from your smartphone or computer. Here you can also schedule a coaching session or have a conversation with us you don’t dare to have in person.

Short info: Once per week, every Tuesday from 16.00 to 17.00. Click here to go to the online chat.


You can make an appointment with us for an application coaching at any time. Specially if you need help due to being a migrant, a refugee or having linguistic problems when writing your applications. We want to give you the opportunity to have someone to turn to for example before an upcoming interview or other difficulties you might come across in an internship, employment or apprenticeship.

Short info: Appointments at request.


Du kannst jederzeit mit uns ein Bewerbungscoachingtermin vereinbaren. Speziell wenn Du aufgrund von Migrations- oder Fluchterfahrung oder eventuellen sprachlichen Schwierigkeiten zusätzliche Unterstützung bei der Erstellung Deiner Bewerbungsmappe benötigst. Insgesamt möchten wir Dir hier die Möglichkeit bieten Dich an uns zu wenden, zum Beispiel bei einem bevorstehenden Vorstellungsgespräch oder auch bei ganz anderen Schwierigkeiten und Herausforderungen in der Schule, Praktikum oder Ausbildungsplatz.

Kurzinfo: Einzeltermine nach Vereinbarung.



1 to 2 times a year we offer Workshops under the title “Wie finde ich den richtigen Beruf” and “Erfolgreiches Vorstellungsgespraech” in Penzberg schools.


How do I find the correct employment? Together we find out your strengths, work in teams and find your place in the professional world. Here you have the possibility of getting more aware of the goals, skills and resources you have. You also get the chance to playfully test yourself out in these situations to get a deeper understanding of your professional future.

Entering your interview successfully: Here we recreate the course of the interview in small groups using specific topics and question types. In this roll play you learn to present yourself in a secure and authentic way.

Short info: 1 to 2 times per year. Participant number: 16 students per Workshop. Recent event dates are listed on our homepage (Events)! Inscription required.


If you come from another country and you are not sure about what you need to write your application for an internship, a job or an apprenticeship you want to do this is the workshop for you. Here we work in a group dealing with cultural differences, rules and customs at the workplace. We work together learning from real life situations which makes the access into the professional world easier and helps avoid misunderstandings.

Short info: Once per year. Participant number: 10 students. Recent event dates are listed on our homepage (Events)! Inscription required.